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Open Science – Jetzt!

- November 15, 2015 in Courses, events, Planet

Am 3. Dezember 2015 startet eine Open Science Lecture Series mit einer Kick-Off Veranstaltung an der Uni Wien. Daniel Mietchen wird eine Keynote halten, gefolgt von einer Paneldiskussion mit Fragen. Wir laden zur Eröffnung der Open Science Lecture Series ein. Mit Daniel Mietchen ist dazu einer der international umtriebigsten Open Science Akteure zu Gast. Er […]

[Video] Open Science for Bio-Hackers

- March 23, 2015 in ASAPOnAir, Livestream, Planet, Social

Our first Google Hangout On Air about Open Science for Bio-Hackers was real fun – see our video and slides. As mentioned earlier, the Montréal Biolab bricobio invited us to “Dendriting – Interviews with biohackers from around the world“. Content is on Youtube, Slideshare and GitHub.

openscienceASAP goes live on the web

- March 12, 2015 in Livestream, Planet, Social

For our first video-broadcast, we meet the bricobio DIY-Biolab from Montréal live on the web, where Stefan Kasberger will present the idea and some applications of Open Science for bio-hackers. bricobio invited us to their series “Dendriting – Interviews with biohackers from around the world” to share the idea of Open Science to the biohackers […]

Who are the Inhabitants of the World Wide Web?

- March 4, 2015 in Bachelor Thesis Stefan Kasberger, Planet

At our weekly Data Science team meeting, a few weeks ago we watched the talk “Everyday Life in a Data Rich World” of Jon Kleinberg, where he lectured about the evolution and the structure of social relations in big scale networks. What caught my attention most in this excellent talk, was a quote used by […]

Reflections on the Computational Social Science Wintersymposium

- February 23, 2015 in Bachelor Thesis Stefan Kasberger, Planet

On 1st of December the first Computational Social Science Wintersymposium took place at GESIS in Cologne. Here some of my impressions about my second scientific conference. The topic of the CSS Wintersymposium was “Understanding social systems via computational approaches and new kinds of data”. The day was well visited with about 115 participants – one […]

It will be about knowledge production on wikipedia

- December 2, 2014 in Bachelor Thesis Stefan Kasberger, Planet

So, after some talks and research, the topic of my bachelor thesis has been narrowed down a little bit. Together with Fabian Flöck I will look into the mechanisms of collaborative knowledge production on the web, specifically on Wikipedia. Collaborative online plattforms with masses of contributors offer many new phenomena to look at, which has […]

Komm mit uns mit auf eine Reise in unendliche Weiten!

- November 30, 2014 in Open Science @ Uni Graz, Planet

Der Weltraum: unendliche Weiten. Unsere Mission: Neue Welten entdecken. Das Erstsemestrigentutorium Geographie und Open Science @ Uni Graz laden auf eine Entdeckungsreise in die Johannes Kepler Volkssternwarte ein. Durch die Rosetta Mission mit der ersten Landung auf einem Kometen ist das Weltall und dessen Entstehungsgeschichte wieder in aller Munde. Da uns für befraute/bemannte Reise zu […]

How I set up my scientific work environment

- November 27, 2014 in Bachelor Thesis Stefan Kasberger, Planet

How to set up your scientific project on the PC? Here is how I do it – from knowledge management over GitHub to this website. I love preparing projects – maybe this is the most loved part of every project for me. Thinking about all the crazy stuff you will do in the future, letting […]

My residence at the GESIS institute in Cologne

- November 19, 2014 in Bachelor Thesis Stefan Kasberger, Planet

The next four months I will live in Cologne and write my bachelor thesis at GESIS. Why that and what is this? Here are the answers. So, here I’m, living since two weeks in Cologne. Whenever I told friends, that I will go for my bachelor thesis to another country, most people asked me “Why […]

Schwerpunkt Diversität im Wintersemester

- November 18, 2014 in Open Science @ Uni Graz, Planet

Das Projekt Open Science @ Uni Graz geht in das dritte Semester. Den Schwerpunkt setzen wir im Winter auf Diversität und Inklusion. Wir wollen in den nächsten Monaten Menschen erreichen, die aus den unterschiedlichsten Gründen den Zugang zum Thema Open Science (noch) nicht haben oder noch gar nichts davon gehört haben. Dabei legen wir in […]