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Who are the Inhabitants of the World Wide Web?

- March 4, 2015 in Bachelor Thesis Stefan Kasberger, Planet

At our weekly Data Science team meeting, a few weeks ago we watched the talk “Everyday Life in a Data Rich World” of Jon Kleinberg, where he lectured about the evolution and the structure of social relations in big scale networks. What caught my attention most in this excellent talk, was a quote used by […]

Reflections on the Computational Social Science Wintersymposium

- February 23, 2015 in Bachelor Thesis Stefan Kasberger, Planet

On 1st of December the first Computational Social Science Wintersymposium took place at GESIS in Cologne. Here some of my impressions about my second scientific conference. The topic of the CSS Wintersymposium was “Understanding social systems via computational approaches and new kinds of data”. The day was well visited with about 115 participants – one […]

It will be about knowledge production on wikipedia

- December 2, 2014 in Bachelor Thesis Stefan Kasberger, Planet

So, after some talks and research, the topic of my bachelor thesis has been narrowed down a little bit. Together with Fabian Flöck I will look into the mechanisms of collaborative knowledge production on the web, specifically on Wikipedia. Collaborative online plattforms with masses of contributors offer many new phenomena to look at, which has […]

How I set up my scientific work environment

- November 27, 2014 in Bachelor Thesis Stefan Kasberger, Planet

How to set up your scientific project on the PC? Here is how I do it – from knowledge management over GitHub to this website. I love preparing projects – maybe this is the most loved part of every project for me. Thinking about all the crazy stuff you will do in the future, letting […]

My residence at the GESIS institute in Cologne

- November 19, 2014 in Bachelor Thesis Stefan Kasberger, Planet

The next four months I will live in Cologne and write my bachelor thesis at GESIS. Why that and what is this? Here are the answers. So, here I’m, living since two weeks in Cologne. Whenever I told friends, that I will go for my bachelor thesis to another country, most people asked me “Why […]

To be or not to be a scientist

- November 14, 2014 in Bachelor Thesis Stefan Kasberger, Planet

The next 4 months will be fully dedicated to my first scientific work – writing a bachelor thesis in environmental systems science with focus on geography. This is a very important step for me, here is why. When I thought about my bachelor thesis, it was always about “which method(s) I want to use”. This […]