Working Group Minutes 15 Jun 2011

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See below for a delayed summary of key points from the WG meeting on Jun 15 2011, followed by a list of interesting events that are coming up. It you spot any interesting conferences or articles/blog posts/talk videos from working group members that could be included in the next monthly round up, please add them to the next meeting Etherpad or send them to the open-science mailing list!

If you’d like more detailed updates on projects or to view the full minutes, visit the meeting Etherpad.
The next meeting will be Wednesday 13th July, 17:30 GMT. You can sign up and add agenda items here.


  1. Panton Principles Case Studies

    In order to have some nice examples of PP in action, we are calling for suggestions of people, papers or projects which have published according to PP. A writing session on 20th June was discussed but this has been postponed until 11th July, see recent email to mailing list for call for suggestions and more info on the session.

  2. Panton Principles Publicity

    A banner has now appeared on BioMedCentral advertising the PP!

    Work on a poster is ongoing by Maria and Jenny, thank you very much for comments on the last draft.

    Discussions have been continuing on the mailing list so please contribute ideas!

    Pawel kindly offered to translate material into Polish when completed,

  3. Report from Royal Society Meeting on Science as a Public Enterprise and Ideas for Call for Evidence

    The meeting was attended by Jenny Molloy, Diane Cabel, Peter Murray-Rust and Cameron Neylon. The deadline for submissions to the Call for Evidence is 5th August.

    An Etherpad has been set up for drafting an OKF submission and an email with further details has been sent to the mailing list. We are hoping to use some of the PP case studies and examples discussed above in this submission.

  4. Report from EC Hearing on Scientific Information

    Diane Cabell and Cameron Neylon attended this hearing.

    See summary from Diane!

  5. Progress report on organising hackathon at SWAT4LS

    Workshop will be on Wednesday 7 December 2011 in London. We have already had numerous offers of help so thank you very much for that!

    See this email for more details

  6. What every OKF working group should have. How are we doing?

    We have a lot of the working group resources suggested by Jonathan Gray, as well as others in progress. One issue that has come up is a lack of clear instruction on who can be a ‘member’ of the working group and how to go about joining. Jenny has updated the instructions on the blog and via email.

  7. BioMedCentral – putting open principles into practice.

    Susanne Sansone of flagged this blog post as something that working group members may wish to comment on, particularly as OKF and the Panton Principles are mentioned!

  8. Polish Open Data Repository

    Pawel Szczesny is launching an open data repository for Polish researchers and will have a big publicity drive, in which he hopes to include the Panton Principles.

    Pawel recently talked on open scientific collaboration at TEDxWarsaw – check out the video!


24-25 Aug 2011 DataCite 2011 Summer Meeting “Data and the Scholarly Record: the Changing Landscape” (Berkeley, USA)

3-6 Sep 2011 ICSU WDS Conference “Global Data for Global Science”, – Kyoto, Japan

5-7 Dec 2011 7th International Digital Curation Conference (Bristol, UK)

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