Open Science @ OKCon – Day 2

July 2, 2011 in OKCon

Another day of open science, from chemistry to fossils to recreational drug use – open data in science has been at the top of the agenda.

Towards Embedding Open Methods in Chemistry

Anna Croft

Anna discussed her efforts to get open science into the undergraduate curriculum at Bangor University, with both successes and failures.


Notes from talk (Jenny Molloy)

Workflow Classification and Open-Sourcing Methods: Towards a New Publication Model

Richard Littauer

Richard discussed the use of programmes such as Taverna and Kepler to create, execute and share scientific workflows leading to greater automation of scientific data analysis and management. He presented the initial findings of the Data Observation Network for Earth study on the uptake and effectiveness of these systems.



Open Palaeontology – Putting fossil data on the web for all to see and use

Ross Mounce

Ross advocates the dissemination of open research data on the web in paleontology, a field which is cautious to adopt this approach.



Open Access: Closed Discourse or Open Knowledge?

Ulrich Herb

Ulrich aimed to explore and clarify the relationship between the paradigms of Open Access and Open Knowledge. He looked at issues such as the resource disparity between open and closed access scholarly publication, and the social effects at work in the sciences that discourage people publishing in open access journals.


Open Science, Open Data, Open Minds: Using smartphones games to study recreational drug use

Caspar Addyman


Caspar described his project using smartphones to gather data on recreational drug use, including data on alcohol consumption and its cognitive effects. The project also follows open knowledge principles.



Project Info

Open Access… but Professionally

Jacek Ciesielski

Jacek believes that OA journals need not be poor cousins of commercially published journals and discussed solutions to encourage OA publishers to be as professional as modern closed publications.


Presentation (pdf)

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  1. Maria says:

    Hi Jenny,
    we’ve met at the open bibliographical data workshop on friday. The project you were talking about (patients that would be able to browse data on medical literature) sounded very interesting. Could you send me some more information about this? Or some links if some web applications already exist? We are thinking of providing a search enginge for citizens through combining several library catalogs on a specific topic and I think that the projects might have some similarities…
    Take care & best regards from Berlin,

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