Show & Tell from the Open & Citizen Science OKCon Hackathon

September 19, 2013 in events, Hackday, OKCon

Most hackdays end with “Show and Tell” — each project giving a demo or a report on their progress. Today’s Open Science and Citizen Science Hackathon, anchored in Geneva on the heels of OK Con, included remote participants in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the US, and possibly other places. This did complicate Show and Tell.

The Open Science WikiSprint group in Geneva, photo by

part of the WikiSprint group in Geneva

We will use this post, however to recap the day! Fearless hackathon leaders Stefan Kasberger and Rayna Stamboliyska had previously solicited project proposals and votes on favourites, with which they announced what projects would likely be attempted on the day.

Hackdays don’t always go to plan and that’s intentional, people are welcome to start something unexpected. One unintended, good result of mashing up great people and great ideas was the metabolomics scientist who met Daniel Lombraña-González and got into crowdsourcing, citizen science with CrowdCrafting, run on OKF’s PyBossa.

A particularly active and international group held a WikiSprint to improve Open Science related content at the P2P Foundation and on Wikipedia as detailed in those links. You can still contribute! and please do. Pictured above are some of the participants in Geneva, with the photo taken by project leader, Célya Gruson-Daniel @celyagd. Activities were organized with this Etherpad, where you can find more on who got up to what in the WikiSprint.



At about the halfway mark, Rayna @MaliciaRogue dropped a few summary tweets:

The Open & Citizen Science workshop is going very nicely: we have an #OpenScienceManifesto coming, an #OpenScienceWiki sprint, (cont) #OKCon

>>> We also have more hardcore statistical stuff going on w friends from OKF Finland organizing R packages for #OpenGov data analysis #OKCon

Last but not least, we have metabolomics scientists interested to involve citizens with #Crowdcrafting cc @teleyinex #OpenScience #OKCon

We will report more soon!

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