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April 3, 2013 in Announcements, Meetings

Capitalizing on the success of our recent CrowdCrafting hack day, from this Thursday and onwards every week we’ll be having a public Google+ Hangout to discuss citizen science and related topics. Details of the first meeting are below:

Thursday 4th April, 5pm (BST) – Weekly Citizen Science Hangout on Google+ here

In the first meeting we shall talk with special guest Michal Kubacki about his Misomorf application that may eventually be developed into a citizen app to help scientists with the graph isomorphism problem. This problem was proposed at the recent hack day by mathematician and quantum computing expert Simone Severini of UCL, who will also join the Hangout. Your participation at these weekly meetings is both welcome and encouraged. If you can’t make the first one, then perhaps the next?

Further information from the recent Science Hack Day

Among the many hack day projects I didn’t get to write about in the last blog post were the Yellowhammers project. This citizen science project uses sound recordings of yellowhammer (bird) dialects and is a joint activity of the Department of Ecology, Charles University in Prague, and the Czech Society for Ornithology.

Volunteers have helped both sample bird song, and classify these hundreds of hours of audio recordings into different dialects. Whilst the initial project sample birds just in the Czech Republic, the team are now expanding to try and capture bird song recordings from the United Kingdom and New Zealand where this bird species also lives.

Here at the Open Knowledge Foundation, we hope that the data collection and analysis could be aided by both the use our out Crowdcrafting.org platform and the EpiCollect mobile software. Work is presently under-way to make this a reality.

So whether, a software-dev, amateur scientist, tinkerer or twitcher – perhaps we might see you tomorrow at the Citizen Science Hangout?


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