#OKFest Open Science and Culture Hackday – Project 2 Louhos

September 19, 2012 in Hackday, Meetings, OKFest, Tools

Louhos have generated a tool called Sorvi with the aim of making R based statistical computational tools and methods traditionally used by scientists available for people wrangling all sorts of data sets from government and finance to weather and more.

Sorvi combines these resources by providing a centralized collection of general-purpose open-source tools for data manipulation, analysis and and visualization. The project currently focuses on Finnish open data sets, but has far wider applications.

Members of the Louhos team hard at work.

The hackday project focused on formulating documentation that will be easy for newcomers and two use cases for a regular user and developer to illustrate the abilities of the tools.

The team made significant advances in completing and improving documentation during the day, if you’d like to explore, check out the Louhos homepage and have a go with the tools yourself!

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